Finest Quality Czech Glass Beads

Beads have been used as decorative element since many years ago. Even it is said it was started since the earliest civilization. First it was made from bones, then ceramics, and glasses. Even today we can easily find much affordable beads made from plastic polymer. However, glass bead is considered as the most valuable among them and there’s one name known for the finest glass bead worldwide and that name is Matubo.

Matubo is a trademark of high quality glass beads known for its excellent shape, impressive colors and shines, and optimum durability. It is produced by Matura Beads, a word class bead manufacturers from a Czech region with century old of glass making tradition. This company is also well known inventing, pioneering, and developing automatic glass bead pressing technique. With combination of crafts making tradition, high quality materials, and advanced technology, Matura Beads can deliver the finest quality glass beads for various purposes. Matubo is the flagship lines of glass bead products. It is made from preciosa ornela, the finest Czech glass with high precision details. There are several types of Matubo beads with different size and shape.

From Czech, Matubo beads have been exported to all over the world. These beads are widely used by many jewelry craftsmen to build their high quality products. It is applied on many innovative products beyond jewelries including decorative element for fashion products and many more. No wonder with Matubo excellent quality, it will significantly improve the value of the products. You don’t need to worry when you are interested in Matubo beads. This product has authorized distributors here in the US making sure that people in this country can easily get the finest quality glass beads imported directly from the Czech. You can find information about the local distributors as well as complete information about the glass bead product lines from its official website.