Hair extensions for girls

Hair extensions for girlsIf the braid around and get use hair extensions, the goal should always be to achieve a natural look. Nobody wants to build consciously will be easily recognizable, which is why many facilities in need of it, a cover slippery runways. But that comes with the weaving work Mix with your own hair texture extensions.

Often it is to succeed in the process of mixing and heat applied constant danger of the large excess heat. But thanks to fasteners – a small hair units are used, where you usually leave the hair in front of her – you correct installation in line with the appearance of natural hair. It is not surprising that a natural looking hair extensions without damaging wear your hair?

Locks come in different bases: Lace and silk. Both hair accessories can be adjusted down or stopped for glue and tape. Although the method of attachment are similar, each distinctly different bases. The basis of what is best to provide results generally?

Some factors to consider that you provide based selection process through the loop and side:

Hair extensions for girlsTop cap constructed by individuals advanced ventilation strands.

Advantages: It does not scalp when placed on the skin or scalp, in addition to the nature. Also make sure the installation is very flat and easy that will make any style your hair looks very real.

Challenge: For best results, the closure of a number of adjustments are necessary. Matrix (black dots pattern that occurs when the tiny hairs embedded in a fine lace), when placed on the skin looks like, because it is best to remove the bleach in their endpoints effects round shaped grid. Bleached knots simulation of individual strands of hair growth directly from your scalp. If you do not close properly whitened, you risk damaging your money by the tip and hair. On the other hand will improve base or the data correction extreme natural.

SILK : local lock (also known as “seal top-side”) with embedded hair in bare skin produced as a side of a material that is normally supported.

ADVANTAGES: silk factories closing tend to be more to take additional usually do not ask for the top closure of money laundering. Only with the support of the party when closing, the node is not detectable and thus mimic the scalp, without significant changes.

CHALLENGE: Despite the fact that the lateral component helps to mask the node to its overall not be made equal to the natural appearance of the scalp, scalp. If you come from deeper skin tone with dark skin clear head, it is advisable to change and even stain your silk base. Furthermore, in general, blocking slightly thicker, which poses a challenge to the realization of a very flat installation.