Short Hairstyles Women

Short Hairstyles Women Not many dare to go short. Indeed, despite the short cut looks chic, modern and nervous, they are difficult when it comes to style. It is more convenient to work that usually takes. If you plan to cut you, here are five to try the latest trends. There is one for each face shape and hair texture.

1. Pixie -

This is a classic. Popular in the 60s, the goblin look as attractive as before. Very short hair on the sides and back and a little more up front. Beat cut eleven modern and functional coatings to see the structure. This prevents him from lying. The Pixie looks with thick, wavy hair and a square, oval and heart shaped faces in women.

Celebrity inspiration: Ginnifer Goodwin, Anne Hathaway and Emma Watson

2. Bob -

Compared Pompadour and Pixie Bob is. It is true, to go to the jaw line with a small number of grazing his chin. There are several variants bob.

• Structured bob – layer remains on the dull by adding volume. Strip or choppy bangs on board to the side view. Women with thick and curly hair should avoid because it tends to Bob Pouf. Emma Stone Bob structured boost.

• Half-Bob – It takes its name from its length more. As the central neck, but slightly higher than the shoulders. The Half bob seems flatter round faces, because they are extended. There is a possibility because when you curl your hair like a cloak to go down. You can get inspiration from Gwyneth Paltrow, Demi-bob.

Short Hairstyles Women 3. Pompadour -

The new brand Pompadour in the formation of short hairstyles ideas for women. Suppose we borrowed people. It is also called “faux hawk” or “awesome”. Generally, shaved hair on smooth sides and some of which are destroyed in the upward and raised in the middle of the road. It is a thick capsule and everybody can not be used.

Celebrity inspiration: Miley Cyrus

4. Shag -

This hairstyle is causal, fun and flirty. There are many layers and choppy ends she looks confused. The good thing about this part is that it is suitable for almost all face shapes. This is great for fine hair like layers to create the illusion of volume. For this experiment with styling your hair length. Styling tips, use a spray that improves the texture of it. Avoid freezing because they are hard bristles.

Celebrity inspiration: Alexa Chung, Jennifer Anniston

5. Short Plant -

Short haircut is the shortest of short hairstyles for women. Its very close to the scalp as more people cut their hair in military training. So it is also called the culture of boy. Good bones cut because short hair. Contact with non-spot without edge or fringe.