The White Dress Shirt

The White Dress ShirtBefore you ask yourself the wolf dressed, if you are a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

Wherever people gather, whether for business or social, tend to quickly implement a hierarchical structure based on the position, status and authority. In this structure, the dominant male, most often, sitting in the chain of command preferential treatment granted in one way or another.

Throughout the history of domination stands out is the key to building an alpha male. While physical violence is now available in the new man the warehouse, sending domain adopted a subtle and sophisticated forms. This means, using high-quality, white shirt.

Back in Victorian times, it is a white shirt, which is unmatched in terms of status symbol of class and social differences. 200 years ago, a white shirt commanded respect of exclusivity for the upper class. Only the rich can afford to wash their pure white robes often. The division of the class is maintained when the term “white collar” printed 100 years later, a white shirt with collar Reservations for managers and clerical duties.

The White Dress ShirtToday, as well as the workplace becomes more relaxed, “power dressing” is alive and well. White shirt, the puppet political capital, copyrights and high-powered executives. Masculinity is drunk. White, the color of perfection, but also through removable collar stays are not only to prevent curling necklace, but also designed to repel look down, a clear sign of low self-esteem

Of course, a white shirt is a magic panacea, but it can make your life to help change. Scientific studies have been conducted over recent decades, the correlation between confidence and success by the ability of a person to overcome fear and uncertainty disclosed. Overcoming the fear of creating new opportunities, both in personal relationships, work or even lower daily reach; This will boost your confidence and give birth to a cycle of success.

Confidence in turn closely linked to the appearance and clothing. Professor Karen Pine, a researcher at the University of Hertfordshire explains in his book that spirit you wear clothes that influence their own mental processes and perception. And finally, you notice how you feel.